Tyres are a vital aspect of your car, wether you require some air in your tyres, a tyre repair or a brand new set our mechanics will provide a comprehensive tyre fitting service.

We offer a range of other services for your tyres.

  • Wheel Balancing – Do you feel like your car is pulling to one side when driving? you may need your tyres balanced.
  • Wheel Alignment – Also known as car tracking, misalignment can happen from the smallest dip in the road or a kerb bump but can have a detrimental effect to the way that your car drives.
  • Tyre Pressure Checks – Keeping you tyre pressure at the right level is key to your vehicles operations.
  • Puncture Repairs – Our mechanics work to the British Standard for tyre repairs and will effectively repair your tyre.

To book any of our tyre services ring or email 01873 840170 or automotive@hockey-group.com