Do You Know The Difference Between MOT And Service?

If you’re anything like 80% of the country you probably don’t know the difference between an MOT and a Service.

My car has passed its MOT so why do I need to spend more money on a service?

This is a common misconception. Because your car has passed your MOT means it’s road safe, but doesn’t mean it will last you for the next 10 years. A service will prolong the lifetime of the car and saves you money in the long run.

An MOT must happen every year for a car that is over three years old.

MOTs will make sure that your car meets the minimum requirements to drive safely on the road.

A full service covers 69 individual checks on your car and includes a thorough inspection of all the car’s internal systems ( electrical and mechanical) A full service should always come with the top up of important fluids too.

A common explanation of the difference between an MOT and a Servicing usually includes some sports metaphors so we’re going to explain it as such:

If your baking a cake and you have all the ingredients.

Having all the ingredients and putting them in the bowl is the MOT- the basics, the foundations of the cake, you could cook it and it would resemble something of a cake but it probably wouldn’t taste or look that great.

Mixing the ingredients together and perfecting the cake means that it will taste better. – this is the service. It may take a little bit more effort, love, and care but the outcome is greater.

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