Hockey Group Automotive are supporting local business Celtic Vale

Hockey Group Automotive is pleased to be supporting local business Celtic Vale with all their automotive requirements. Hockey Group Automotive supply all types of repairs and services for their convoy of vehicles, with Celtic Vale’s last visit to our award-winning garage including a full service and a MOT for one of their company vans. Hockey Group Automotive is supplied with water by Celtic Vale, who also supply their sister company RHL Activities, at all of the motorsport events they host across the UK.

Celtic Vale Natural Mineral Water was started in the 1980’s as a diversification from sheep farming and was started by Glyn and Dorinda Watkins. Celtic Vale is nestled in the foothills of the Black Mountains on the Hereford & Welsh Border, where they bottle the water from source at a natural artesian spring. Today, the company bottle an extensive range of glass and plastic products, which get distributed across the UK, with marketing abroad in development.

Hockey Group Automotive is proud to do business with Celtic Vale, ensuring they have the means to deliver their locally sourced products to the country. Without local companies working together and building relationships, Hockey Group Automotive wouldn’t be the family run business that it is today.

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