How To Check Your Oil Levels

If you have noticed sudden knocking or engine noise, oil smell in the car, exhaust smoke, dark/ dirty oil, the appearance of the oil change light or if you have driven an excessive amount of miles recently. Then you should promptly check or change your oil.

Oil is essential for keeping your car plain sailing and working properly. Motor oil lubricates the engine parts and stops friction, thus, reducing the wear and tear on the engine. It is important to keep your oil level at suitable level for the engine and here’s how to check.

Step 1

Park on a level area, warm the engine to operating level and turn the engine off and let the oil settle.

Step 2

Proceed to lift the bonnet and grab the dipstick.

Step 3

Give the dipstick a quick clean with some cloth.

Step 4

Gently dip the dipstick in to the oil filler cap located on top of the engine.

Step 5

Pull out the dipstick and check if the oil level is in between the minimum and maximum fill lines. If not then your oil need topping up.

If you’re unsure what oil to use for your vehicle, contact us via social media, email or phone and we will be more than happy to help.

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