Why Is Regularly Servicing Your Car Important?

One of the major benefits of regularly servicing your car is that you can be one of the people to sport the “FSH” Acronym on your car advert.

FSH means Full Service History. This shows that you have looked after your car and it is less likely to come with any problems.

Servicing you Car regularly can become a tedious task but it would be all worth it and should never be a corner that you cut.

Aside from the Resale value there are some other major benefits including, maintaining your warranty, when you have your car serviced at the manufactures recommended intervals. A regular service keeps your engine in good condition. The parts in your engine are designed to regularly be changed, maintained or serviced – these need regular inspection to make sure they are safe.

A full service would include an Oil Change and tyre Check up – these are both an essential to your cars health.

If you take care of your car’s engine by getting it serviced at the right intervals, then it’ll run more efficiently, which means you’ll be using less fuel. 

Making sure that your tyres are inflated to the right pressures and have enough grip also helps with fuel efficiency, as well as with safety, which is even more important. Worn tyres increase your braking distance, especially on wet roads, so you are, quite simply, less safe and so are other road users and pedestrians.

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